Monday, March 24, 2014

State of the Project Address

My fellow Moparians, this is where I am now.

Checked with three car guy shows about using short clips of theirs as part of my upcoming Fund Anything campaign. My attempt at one anyway.

I found some products I am interested in using on Jay Leno's Garage, so I contacted NBC through the only thing close to a contact that they had.  No response yet.  I really don't expect a response until I can find a better way to contact his people anyway.

There are some products featured in Adam Carolla's Car Cast that I found interesting and I plan to use.  Emailed them and received no response, which is not unexpected.  He has the busiest podcast in history and his crew travels with him a lot.  Combine that with me being a complete unknown and there you go.

The car guy I've been watching by far the longest, Stacey David, has an exhaust size selection technique that I liked, as well as another product or two I plan to use too.  I did get a response on that, only his sponsors are allowed to use pictures and clips from his shows.  I am not a sponsor, and doubt that I will be before I get this going, so there you have it.  BTW, that is cool with me too (I don't have a vote anyway, but what the hey) it is a perfectly valid element of a successful business model.

Have not checked yet with Eric The Car Guy or Capone Auto yet.  Both have substantially different techniques of presenting their video, as well as radically different presences in their videos, but I find great value in both of their videos.  Will be checking with them about clearances for clips.

All that said, my first video is pretty simple and it is up in the previous post.  All of my videos will be under the Creative Commons license, which means anybody can use them or parts of them WITH ATTRIBUTION.  No need to ask me for permission, so long as you link back to where you got it.  No nastygrams from lawyers or any of that jazz, so long as you give proper attribution.

So there you go.  Hopefully when the weather warms a little here I will be able to make that video about removing rust and protecting the metal with a good primer so the rust stays away.  If the weather does not cooperate, perhaps I will do a more detailed walkaround and give some pointers for buying a classic car that needs work.

Until then, Xièxiè (謝謝)

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